Memory Foam Mattress Defined Explained & Best Pick

Whether a man is a nocturnal animal or not is still open to debate but there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that a good night’s sleep is a must in order to maintain good health. To get a comfortable sleep one should have a good mattress like a memory foam mattress. This mattress is soft enough to make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud and it is also sturdy enough to provide adequate support to certain areas like the neck, shoulder, and back so as to prevent pains in the body due to poor sleeping posture.

Can you define a memory foam mattress? Well, this kind of mattress is made from polyurethane and unlike regular mattresses, these have two layers. The bottom layer is made of high-density foam while the top layer is made of special foam. Because of the special composition of such mattresses, they are very unique in the sense that they can transform as per the contours or the shape of the person sleeping on it, thus providing immense comfort. Also, the second layer of such a mattress facilitates ventilation and provides escape routes for the chemical that could increase the density of the mattress.

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This type of mattress was invented by NASA in a bid to help the astronauts who suffered from back pain. The main motive behind the invention of the mattress, which occurred in the seventies, is to protect the astronauts from deadly g-forces. The creation of such mattress which not only conforms to the shape of the body lying on it but also distributes the weight on the body equally to create pressure points was possible because of consistent research.
In the beginning, foam mattresses were meant to be used by astronauts only, however, with the passage of time its popularity increased and commercial companies began to experiment with the same idea so that they could manufacture something similar. A Swedish company named Tempur Pedic was the first one to supply this kind of mattress in North America and Europe and it gained a lot of success. This inspired other companies to jump on the bandwagon and manufacture foam mattresses for consumers.

Memory foam is also called viscoelastic polyurethane foam, and a typical memory foam mattress weighs about 4 or 5 pounds but if you want something lighter then go for the 2-3 pounds ones. A majority of the weight is because of the judicious use of chemicals and also the use of viscoelastic foam which is non-toxic in nature. To judge the quality of a foam mattress, you should see its ILD rating. The higher the rating the firmer is the mattress and so it would be highly durable.

The reason why memory foam mattress is so effective is that it can mold itself to any body shape, thus allowing the person to ‘sink in’ to the mattress, something that is not possible with regular mattresses. Thus, this makes spinal alignment possible and it improves one’s sleeping posture and keeps back problems at bay. This kind of mattress is also perfect for asthma patients because such foam is resistant to germs, fungus, and mildew.

Just like every other thing, even this mattress comes with its disadvantages. One of the main negative points of such a mattress is that they smell bad due to the chemicals used and hence people find it hard to sleep because of the off-putting smell. Also, this kind of mattress is highly combustible and is not recommended for toddlers because they might sink in and suffocate which makes it not so safe for use.

However, despite the disadvantages associated with memory foam mattress, they are very popular throughout the world. If you are buying a high-quality foam mattress then be prepared to loosen your purse strings because these could run into a few thousand dollars. Therefore, make sure you compare between different brand and models to ensure that the one which you have purchased is the best.

Best Pick – Sleep Innovations 8 inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleep Innovations 8 inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress is available as a twin, full, queen, king or California king mattress. It is designed for the user’s utmost comfort and convenience – and the product delivers this well. This incredible mattress actually has an added benefit of there being a neutral temperature surface to sleep on! This isn’t all, though, read on to find out more about this great product.

Price and Main Features

This great mattress is available for the 30% reduced price of $279.99 and displays the following fantastic features:

  • 12-inch Memory foam mattress on top of a 9.5-inch premium base foam that acts as a support
  • Circular type knit
  • The mattress has a fire-retardant barrier
  • 20-year warranty

Who is it for?

If you are looking to experience a therapeutic sleep then the Sleep Innovations 8 inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress is the perfect tool for you to achieve it – this is what it has been designed to do for you! It will relieve all aches and pains from those who suffer from body pain, and it will improve the posture of everybody who uses it.

Sleep Innovations 8 inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress
Sleep Innovations 8 inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress

Pros and Cons

The Sleep Innovations 8 inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress is made using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and procedures. The mattress is superb for the relieving of backaches and joint pains. The mattress is designed such that it distributes the weight of your body evenly across the mattress so that your body is not put under a kind of strain. The mattress becomes exceptionally and remarkably soft over time, and it really cradles your body.

Since the mattress is very tightly compressed for easy shipment, the mattress will have to be allowed time to expand before use. The mattress does feel very firm at first, but it softens considerably after about 2 or 3 weeks. There is also a slight smell on the mattress when it is unwrapped, but this is due to the packaging in the factory and it clears up completely after about 24 hours, while the mattress is expanding. After all, the mattress is made for air circulation, so it will definitely clear up. Some people gripe that this mattress goes hot at times, and acts as a sweltering piece at that time. I am not sure about this though since most of us wake up with sweating which is not uncommon at all. Remember that many buyers don’t agree to this argument, and say that this foam doesn’t trap heat at all.

Why you should buy it

The Sleep Innovations 8 inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress is incredibly comfortable and great for improving overall posture and wellbeing. Since the mattress is so well aerated, the mattress remains cool while sleeping and air can circulate freely in the mattress – allowing for elimination in odor. Also, the mattress is very supportive while still staying incredibly soft. This is rare in mattresses.


Sleep Innovations 8 inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress knows how to give support and how to do it well – and comfortably! It is a phenomenal mattress for the price, and it is definitely a recommended buy for anybody who wants to sleep the best sleep they have ever slept!

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Top 5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses – Guide & Reviews

Everything you need to know about memory foam- what is it?

Memory foam was originally known as visco-elastic polyurethane foam because it shares properties with a liquid and a solid. Viscoelastic foam or memory foam is made up of open cells, which pass air to adjacent cells when pressed down on. Memory foam is temperature-sensitive, which means that at lower temperatures it is firmer (more viscous), and at higher temperatures, it is softer and more conforming (more elastic). Hence the reason memory foam is known as visco-elastic memory foam. It’s this property that causes memory foam to hold its shape temporarily after pressure is removed and it’s this unique feature that’s developed into the more common name of memory foam.

There are a couple of reasons why memory foam is so unique. First is the way memory foam cells deform when weight is applied. Memory foam is made up of open-cell foam, which means the individual cells in the foam have holes in them. Unlike standard foams, that compress and want to spring back to their original shape immediately, memory foam cells compress fully and spread their air pressure to adjoining cells. This spreads the pressure through a greater number of cells of the memory foam, which decreases the pressure you feel from the cells of the memory foam that you are in contact with. This ability of memory foam to deform also allows it to really conform to your body’s shape and weight-bearing areas, thereby reducing pressure points. No other material has this ability to shape to your body – this is unique to memory foam.

The second feature that makes memory foam so unique is its temperature-sensitive visco-elastic properties. Its open-cell structure reacts to body heat by responding to changes in temperature. As the foam comes into contact with an increase in temperature (from the body), the foam realigns to provide a cushion, softening at the points where the body increases the temperature of the foam. The foam then molds itself to the contours of the human body, providing excellent support and unbeatable comfort.

Where did memory foam come from?

Memory foam was developed in the 1960s by NASA to improve the safety of aircraft cushions and reduce pressure points experienced by astronauts. The G-forces generated during liftoff caused uncomfortable sensations for astronauts in their flight chairs, and viscoelastic foam, as it was initially named, was able to greatly reduce their discomfort and improve their orthopedic support.

Memory foam was subsequently used medically, memory foam mattress pads were developed for patients who used to lie immobile in bed on firm mattresses for unhealthy periods. Before the introduction of memory foam mattress pads and foam pillows, the pressure over some of their bony regions decreased or stopped blood flow causing pressure sores. Memory foam was so successful in improving the comfort of patients, that it was soon developed further for people with back problems and trouble sleeping*.

Can memory foam improve circulation?

YES! The superior support provided by a Hypnia memory foam mattress, not only provides relief for joints and pressure points but the reduced stress on muscles surrounding those joints improves blood circulation and means you wake up properly rested and ready to tackle the day ahead*.

Memory foam and back problems / spinal curvature/hip, knee and joint problems

memory foam improve circulationMemory foam is a temperature-sensitive visco-elastic material, it reacts to body heat and weight by ‘molding’ to and briefly remembering your body shape, helping relieve pressure points. As a result of the foams “memory” molding, a mattress topper or memory foam mattress will automatically adjust itself to your personal shape. Your weight is distributed evenly across the whole mattress, avoiding painful pressure in one particular spot. Memory foam is an insulating material that responds to changes in temperature so as the foam comes into contact with an increase in temperature from your body, it softens at the points where the body increases the temperature of the foam. This causes the foam to mold itself to the contours of the human body, providing excellent support at pressure points along the spine, legs, hips, and knees. This makes it possible to avoid some of the stresses on the skeletal and muscle systems of the body that are incurred during sleep on any other type of mattress. When you shift positions on memory foam, the foam automatically realigns to maintain the cushion effect *.

Can memory foam help with sleep apnea & snoring?

YES! In some cases, snoring can be aggravated by the sleeping position. Memory foam mattresses mold to the user’s body and support them in the ideal sleeping position. If you are finding your sleeping uncomfortable and you’re tossing and turning, then a memory foam mattress can help. A comfortable pillow that properly supports the neck and head is also extremely important, especially since side-sleeping is recommended with a sleep condition like apnea. Visco memory foam pillows come in traditional shapes and a Hypnia memory foam pillows soften at body temperature and closely contours to your neck and head to improve comfort and support *.

Can memory foam help with Insomnia & sleep disturbances?

YES! Memory foam uses polyurethane foam, made up of tiny air bubbles. The air in each cell moves from cell to cell as you lie on it, allowing some cells to compress and other cells to expand. With the pressure distributed evenly across the whole body, there is less of a chance of waking in order to find a more comfortable position. Hypnia memory foam mattresses are so effective at relieving pressure and dispersing your body’s weight over a wider area they have been both clinically and medically proven to reduce tossing and turning through the night by up to 80%. This ensures you get longer periods of undisturbed sleep, which results in you waking more invigorated, refreshed and energized. The end result of using a Hypnia memory foam mattress is that it is possible to achieve deep REM sleep, which is the most recuperative form of sleep*.

Is memory foam hypoallergenic?

Viscoelastic foam products, like memory foam mattresses and memory foam mattress toppers, are less likely to harbor dust mites, which tend to breed, reproduce, and thrive in traditional box spring mattresses. Dust Mites are often found in an environment of high humidity and dead skin cells, which they feed on for nourishment. The end products generated by dust mites create allergic reactions and other respiratory problems. The structure of the viscoelastic memory foam makes it impossible for any kind of ‘bugs’, even including tiny dust mites, to penetrate the mattress. This creates a cleaner and healthier environment, providing the setting for a truly comfortable and therapeutic night’s sleep. Memory foam can also help those who suffer from airborne allergies and hay fever since dust mites are one of the most common causes of allergies in the home.

What’s the difference between a memory foam mattress and a spring-based mattress?

Both mattresses look similar and both aim to get a good night’s sleep, but memory foam material is different. If you lie on a spring mattress the springs push back to support your body. This means that pressure builds on certain parts of your body, specifically your joints, where the springs are pushing back. These are your pressure points. Memory foam eliminates pressure points by not pushing back against your body as you lie down and account for the melting feeling that you get lying down on a memory foam mattress. Contrast this with a normal mattress that is simply flat. However well sprung, it will never precisely mold to the curves of a human body. Memory foam is the future for mattresses; no springs means no pressure points so no tossing and turning.

Should I buy a memory foam mattresses or air mattresses?

12 inch memory foam mattress size and weightAir mattresses have gradually become more popular due to their unique feature which allows you to change the feel of the mattress via a control. Whilst air mattresses have improved over the year, unfortunately, an air mattress has many parts that can and often do break. For this reason, the small print of the guarantees can contain considerably less coverage. In any case, you won’t get the same contouring and cradling of the body that you get with a Hypnia memory foam mattress, as air beds will not make an imprint of your body. Air mattresses are more similar to a spring mattress, in that they will also cause a ‘droop’ effect and sag inward when pressure is applied, without molding to the specific curves of your body. This is because air displaces to the sides of the body, leaving the middle with less support. Memory and to some extent latex foam are the only substances that can accomplish a contouring of the body, without losing support.

Is a memory foam mattress better than a latex foam mattress?

Memory foam is far more comfortable than latex foam and it outperforms latex foam in all recognized comfort tests. Natural latex foam is processed rubber tree sap but most brands refrain from using 100% natural latex in their mattresses as it’s the most expensive bedding material on the market. They usually only include 1 – 2 inches of 100% natural latex on top just to promote its “natural” qualities. Allergies to latex can also be triggered

What is the initial smell that comes from memory foam?

While Hypnia memory foam does not contain toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde or PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether), there can be a “new foam” smell. This can stay for a couple of days, up to a couple of weeks. While this smell does not trigger allergies, it can be a bother initially for people who are sensitive to smells. For those of you who do experience this, here are some tips to help the smell to dissipate quicker. Airing out the room and washing your sheets after the first couple of night’s sleep will help to eliminate the odors. Or use a dish of vinegar on the nightstand, this can help neutralize the odors.

Do memory foam mattresses make you perspire?

The number one complaint made by users of viscoelastic foam products is the excessive heat generated during use because some lesser quality memory foam can be uncomfortably warm to sleep on. Hypnia memory foam mattresses and memory foam toppers have added air channels to the memory foam overlay. This allows the mattress to breathe by allowing air to enter and circulate beneath the sheets, without compromising the support. The result is plenty of ventilation and a sensible balance of compression and support.

Are memory foam mattresses compatible with electric blankets?

In the long term, using an electric blanket regularly can break down the memory cells of a memory foam mattress. However, there is no reason not to use an electric blanket occasionally to warm the bed before sleep, as long as it is not left on all night.

Is memory foam right for me?

*Memory foam is not for everyone. In particular, if you have a back problem or any other medical complaint you should always first consult your doctor for expert information and advice.

Top 5 best memory foam mattress brands and shops

1. Memory Foam Shop Mattress

memory foam shop mattressThe Memory Foam Shop is a genuine UK based company, offering high-quality memory foam items at unbeatable prices. We supply, only the very best memory foam mattresses, toppers, pillows, and covers from the leading memory foam manufacturers. At The Memory Foam Shop, we aim to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

The Memory Foam Shop has been supplying the leading memory foam products to UK customers for years and our team is all experts in memory foam. If there’s something we don’t know about memory foam it’s not worth knowing. You can find out everything you needed to know about memory foam from its history to its future in our helpful information guide on our website.

At The Memory Foam Shop, we pride ourselves in supplying only the very best memory foam products. We’ve made your job easy because we’ve searched the whole market to find the very best memory foam manufacture. The Memory Foam Shop is proud to be an official retailer of Hypnia memory foam products. The reasons we chose Hypnia memory foam are the same reasons why we highly recommend Hypnia memory foam to all our customers.

2. Great Memory Foam Mattress

Great Memory Foam was founded on the principals of supplying great quality memory foam products at the best prices available. Our core principals remain but we’ve also added to these and we’re committed to providing the very best customer service and satisfaction.

great memory foam mattressWe specialize in the supply of Visco-elastic memory foam mattresses, toppers, and pillows utilizing a wide range of ethically sourced materials and state of the art technology.

Great Memory Foam mattresses are only available online and all come with our 10 guarantees. But the best way to assess the benefits of a Great memory foam mattress is to try one. Order one today and you’ll be sleeping on it tomorrow night!

Our staff are all trained in every aspect of the foam mattress industry and have a wealth of technical knowledge, please contact us at any time for any specialist advice.

• Luxury grade 75 kg/m3 Visco elastic memory foam
• Exceeds UK fire/ safety regulations
• Moulds to individual body shape
• Pressure Relieving
• Ideal for back pain sufferers
• Reduce tossing and turning
• Anti-Bacterial and Anti-fungal
• Dust-mite resistant
• Ideal for Allergy sufferers
• Hygienic Coolsoft airflow machine washable zip-off covers
• Single, Double, King and Super King Size available
• 10 YEAR Guarantee
• NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY! Or the day of your choice

3. Sleeptight Memory Foam Mattress

Sleeptight is committed to offering the best value for money and the best quality memory foam mattresses you can buy in the UK.

Sleep tight was established in the UK and it has remained one of the fastest-growing mattress brands and has consistently achieved record sales – a significant achievement in the present economic climate and an increasingly competitive market place.Sleeptight Memory Foam Mattress

We only supply mattresses and mattress toppers through our customer-friendly online shop – we don’t have big expensive showrooms scattered throughout the country. This means we’ve kept our overheads to a minimum so we can pass on a much better price to our customers. As a result of our unbeatable prices and great quality products we also supply many luxury hotels and guesthouses. This has given us huge buying power and again enabled us to pass the benefits and savings on to all our customers regardless of location or buying volumes.

Sleeptight carries a complete range of express delivery memory foam mattresses and toppers in the UK which can be delivered as quickly as the next day. We also offer a guaranteed price match facility so if you happen to find the same item cheaper within 14 days of purchase, we will refund the difference with no quibbles. When it comes to the delivery of your items, we don’t leave anything to chance because there is nothing worse than receiving your new item, only to find some damage was caused in transit. This is why we double wrap every item before dispatch and have specially made mattress bags to ensure your new furniture arrives in perfect condition.

4. Hypnia Memory Foam Mattress

At Hypnia we are specialists in memory foam. We manufacture all of our own products so we can guarantee quality and performance every time. Our aim is to provide not only fast and efficient service but to supply you with the best possible memory foam product to suit your needs. Experience counts for a lot. At Hypnia we currently have 20 years of combined experience specializing exclusively in memory foam. We control and quality check the entire process all the way to your front door.Hypnia Memory Foam Mattress

Hypnia invests a huge amount of time and money on product development, we utilize state-of-the-art facilities and our factory boasts one of the world’s largest and most advanced research and development center and mattress testing laboratory

Every day, we ship hundreds of memory foam mattresses and topper throughout the UK and we are recognized throughout the industry for the quality of our products and service. Our factories contain only modern state of the art equipment that not only helps us to minimize costs and waste but also ensures that our products are finished perfectly every time and that’s why we’ve got the confidence to offer a ten-year guarantee on all our mattresses and toppers.

With Hypnia you benefit by receiving a better quality product at an extremely competitive price!

5. LUCID 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Product Description

Exclusive Lucid-Gel foam is a high-quality mattress made of the finest materials. Its triple-layer design consists of:

  • A breathable 4-pound gel-infused comfort layer
  • A 3-pound memory foam center
  • An 8-inch high-density foam base

It is attainable in an array of mattress sizes and has innovative features that make it the best 12 inch memory foam mattress available in the market, to date. If you buy the Exclusive Lucid-Gel memory foam mattress, you will enjoy the following benefits:lucid 12 inch gel memory foam mattress


With the LUCID Mattress in your home, you will no longer have to cover yourself with several duvets to stay warm during the winter. This memory foam mattress has three interesting features that help it to retain heat and keep the occupant warm and comfortable, even during cold winter months. First, apart from increasing strength, the open cell and pin core technologies used to make the comfort layer and memory foam center of this one-of-a-kind mattress respectively improve airflow. The gel beads infused in these foams also help to trap heat and distribute it when a person is sleeping.


The Gel Memory Foam Mattress is by far one of the most durable high-density foam mattresses that you will ever find in the market. Here are two reasons why:

  1. The foam used to manufacture this mattress is long-lasting. Unlike the materials used in many contemporary mattresses, this foam does not tear or crumble easily, no matter the degree of abuse it gets from its user.
  2. The open cell construction used on the 4-pound gel-infused comfort layer not only enhances comfort and flexibility but also improves the strength of this gel mattress. If you buy a high-quality design from a reputable online or offline store, forget about buying a replacement mattress soon.

CertiPur Tested

If you buy the LUCID gel high-density foam mattress, you get a CertiPur-US tested product that is safe for use in the home environment. The three layers of foam used to make this mattress, for instance, lack harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, phthalates, and harmful metals such as lead and mercury. They also lack ozone depleters, CFCs, and PBDEs, which are harmful to the environment. You can rest easy knowing that your kids are safe and you are not contributing to environmental degradation.


Many people love the sliver infused cover on the LUCID 12-inch gel mattress for its appealing design and comfortable cotton feel. However, because of its ability to kill viruses, bacteria, and an array of other microbes, it makes the LUCID one of the healthiest memory foam mattresses that you will ever find in the market. What is interesting is that this silver infused cover does not lose its anti-microbial properties no matter the number of times you wash it.


How many times have you ordered an item online only for it to malfunction within a short duration? This will never be a concern if you buy the best memory foam mattress. Apart from its quality construction and longevity, you get a 25-year warranty for every LUCID mattress that you buy. If the mattress malfunctions of failing to meet your need because of structural and or workmanship flaws or any other defect in its construction, the company will repair, replace, or refund your money. Make sure, however, that you do not stain the mattress or damage its foundation to avoid voiding the warranty.


Like other high-end gel mattresses, LUCID has very few cons. Some users report that it takes slightly longer to expand, especially during cold weather. Buy this gel mattress now to enjoy the forgoing and many other benefits.

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Custom bedroom furniture

Some people like to buy their fitted bedroom furniture online. They feel that they can find bargain bedroom furniture more easily. While this may be true for standalone bedroom furniture packages, fitted furniture often requires a certain amount of customization to be done by the manufacturer’s technicians. This is especially the case if you live in older homes or in the countryside, where you rarely encounter the cookie-cutter architecture commonly found in urban apartments.

So the first shopping tip for buying fitted bedroom furniture is don’t buy online. Mind you, window shopping for ideas and inspiration is fine. So is comparison shopping for bedroom furniture online to get an idea of the prices in the market? But when it is time to choose the bedroom furniture designs you want, it is best to do some real footwork and visit your local bedroom furniture outlets.Custom bedroom furniture

Good bedroom furniture retailers have experienced salesmen and staff on hand who can give you advice on the fitted bedroom furniture they sell. They know the right questions to ask you to determine if a particular bedroom furniture collection is a good fit for your bedroom. Even better, some of them may have helped install the furniture package or design you have shortlisted into a house that has a similar design to your home. They can tell you if they ran into any problems and suggest an alternative fitted bedroom furniture package.

If this is not your first time buying fitted bedroom furniture and you have a handyman in the house, you can get great savings by visiting a bedroom furniture warehouse. While most of them do not often open their doors to the public, there are times when they put their discontinued bedroom furniture on sale. If you know what you are doing, you can find some high-quality bedroom furniture for a steal and pay a nominal additional price to get it shipped home. After that, you can perform your own customizations and fit for free.

Some people who live in more rural areas find that they can get cheaper custom bedroom furniture than buying from their local bedroom furniture outlet. This is something you should seriously consider if you know of some skilled carpenters or furniture craftsmen who have local workshops. By cutting out all the middlemen and buying the required wood yourself, you can get your own fitted solid wood bedroom furniture built at an affordable price. This can be a very attractive option when you consider that most discount bedroom furniture is made from fibreboard which is less hardy than real good quality wood.

Many people go to a bedroom furniture sale with the intention of buying something if they find something that looks nice and fits their budget. However, more than a few of them end up regretting their haste when they receive their new furniture and discover that it does not fit. When you go shopping for fitted bedroom furniture, you need to go prepared. Look at your bedroom and determine where you are missing something important piece of furniture. Take copious photos of your bedroom, concentrating on the areas where you want the new piece of furniture to go. Take measurements and jot them down on the backs of the more relevant photos. When you finally visit the showroom, bring your measuring tape and the photos along with you.

If you really find something you like, look through your photos and try to imagine how the furniture in the showroom would look in your bedroom. If you still like what you see, pull out your measuring tape and measure the size of the furniture. Compare these measurements to the notes you jotted down at the back of your photos. Will they really fit?

Is this a lot of work? You bet it is. But then buying fine bedroom furniture is an investment. Fitted high-end bedroom furniture is something that can last you for many decades. Don’t you think it is worth spending a little more time and effort to do it right your first attempt? Even if you are only buying cheap fibreboard furniture, how many of you can afford to go back and correct your mistakes? Do you really have so much free time after work to return your newly bought furniture and get a new set of bedroom furniture? Do you have the spare cash to pay for the return? Do you have the time (and maybe money) to get the replacement furniture delivered and installed?

Buying fitted bedroom furniture is a lot of hard work. It needs a certain amount of knowledge, experience, and skill. If you do not personally have this expertise, buying bedroom furniture direct is not a good choice. Sometimes, paying for other people’s expertise can be cheaper in the long run.


Do you think long term or do you think short term? Is saving $100 today more important to you than saving $500 over 10 years? These are important questions you need to ask yourself when you buy fitted bedroom furniture. The answer to this question determines what is truly bargain bedroom furniture for you.

Generally speaking, finding a short-term bargain requires different strategies than finding a long-term bargain. A short-term bargain is much cheaper today but may not last more than a year or two. On the other hand, a long-term bargain is usually more expensive but should last you five to ten years of careful use.

Do you say that you are always careful with your belongings and there is no reason why even cheap fitted bedroom furniture should not last you quite a number of years? You might be right, but you would be surprised at how flimsy some cheap furniture can be. Not only that, but no one can be careful all the time. All it needs is one careless mistake and you could badly damage your furniture, especially if it is not made in a robust manner.bedroom-furniture-and-mattress

Even more importantly, bedroom furniture can see surprisingly hard use. For example, let’s take a look at your bed. How often do you get on and off your bed? Do you take an afternoon nap? Do you occupy that bed alone or does your significant other (or child) share that bed? Do you read a book in bed before going to sleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water or visit the washroom? Do you sleep peacefully or do you thrash around in your sleep? Every time some activity occurs (e.g. getting into bed, getting out of bed or thrashing violently because of a nightmare), you cause extra stress to the joints of your bed.

The same goes for the wardrobe of your fitted bedroom furniture. How often do you use your wardrobe? Most people answer that they only use it twice a day – when they dress for work and when they wash up after getting home. But is this really true? If other family members have access to your bedroom and are able to open and close the doors of your wardrobe, this could be much more often than you think. This is especially the case if you have kids and they play hide-and-seek. Even if there are no children in your home, do you only keep your clothes in your wardrobe, or do you keep the entire family’s bedlinen, replacement blankets, and bath towels, etc. in there as well? Many people are surprised at how much wear and tear their wardrobes actually see in their daily lives.

This is not to say cheap fitted bedroom furniture and mattress will not last you a long time. But many people greatly underestimate how much they use their bedroom furniture. Many people will visit their local bedroom furniture outlet and gloss over the impact of some flimsy parts if the price is right. If you have carefully looked at how much you actually use your bedroom furniture before deciding to ignore a few poorly made parts, then that is a reasonable calculated risk. But if you have underestimated how much wear and tear you put your furniture through every day, your bargain bedroom furniture may fall apart much sooner than you expected.

This is one major reason I cannot recommend buying bedroom furniture online. There is no way for you to evaluate the quality of the fitted bedroom furniture you intend to buy, so how do you judge whether or not it will survive the kind of abuse you will put it through? This is especially important when buying fitted bedroom furniture because you cannot easily replace a broken piece. This is even more important when you consider that most bedroom furniture on sale is being sold at a steep discount because the line has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

So where are the best places to look for bargain fitted bedroom furniture? This largely depends on where you stay. In some places, for example, many rural locations, you can easily find cheap, good-quality wood as well as skilled carpenters willing to work cheap. In these places, getting custom bedroom furniture built might well be cheaper than buying fitted bedroom furniture from a retailer.

Of course, if you live in the city, this is extremely unlikely. In this case, you would need to wait for a clearance bedroom furniture sale from your nearby bedroom furniture retailers. If you need the furniture in a hurry, you may need to give up the idea of buying fitted bedroom furniture. The furniture company (whether it is the retailer or the manufacturer itself) is not going to give you priority when sending their people over to deliver and fit your new bedroom furniture.

As you can see, buying fitted bedroom furniture at a bargain is more complicated than most people think. Unlike single small items like a nightstand or an extra storage chest, buying bedroom furniture direct from the factory or from the bedroom furniture warehouse is usually not a viable option.

Your Easy Guide To Fitted Bedroom Furniture Packages

Are you shopping for fitted bedroom furniture? Have you become confused by the plethora of different options and bedroom furniture designs? Have you been doing comparison shopping and become mired in a morass of conflicting data? Are you wondering what is the difference between Brand X bedroom furniture collection 123, Brand X bedroom furniture collection 124 and Brand Y bedroom furniture collection 999 – they look the same to you, the prices are in a similar range, and the detailed write-up also reads the same – so what’s the trick? Honestly, buying bedroom furniture is confusing and expensive, and sometimes you need someone to hold you by the hand. Here is an easy guide to help you choose the furniture you need.

Before you do any kind of price research on fitted bedroom furniture, ask yourself these four questions:

  • When do you need this furniture?
  • What level of quality do you need?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is your bedroom a regular shape with squared-off corners or are there odd-shaped obstructions in the way?

Now, at this point, many people like to do comparison shopping for bedroom furniture online. My advice is: Don’t bother unless you are looking for cheap standalone pieces of furniture which you intend to replace in a year or two. Buying fitted bedroom furniture online is not for the beginner, and you are better off shopping at your local bedroom furniture outlet even if you have to spend more. That said, if you want to protect yourself from the salesman, you still need a little bit of knowledge yourself before you step into the furniture shop.

Let’s start at the top. Bedroom furniture designs can be said to fall into three different categories:

  • Flatpack furniture
  • Fitted bedroom furniture
  • Custom bedroom furniture

Flatpack furniture

This is standalone furniture that you normally have to assemble yourself. You can safely buy cheap throw-away pieces online, but high-end bedroom furniture should be bought from local bedroom furniture outlets so that you can examine the real quality for yourself. There are pre-assembled bedroom furniture packages include the mattresses, but these will cost extra to ship to your home. Some bedroom furniture retailers will also assemble the furniture for you once it has been delivered to your home, but this will normally cost extra.

The main advantage of buying flat pack bedroom furniture is speed. Especially for pre-assembled furniture, you could have a fully-functional bedroom ready within a week. If you need it even faster, you may have to pay the furniture shop for express delivery services.

The second advantage is the price. You pay for the furniture and its delivery, and that is all. There are no hidden installation charges, etc. Flatpack bedroom furniture is easy to find in large retailers like Ikea, Targets, and Walmart.

Yet another advantage is the flexibility and ease of making minor customizations. For example, you can buy a cheap king-sized bed without a headboard and footboard, then add a king size headboard later on when you have spare cash. You can add a bookcase style headboard if you need more storage space, an upholstered headboard to give your bedroom more style, or a carved wooden headboard to add elegance.

Fitted bedroom furniture

This is furniture that is fitted to your bedroom. It maximizes the usage of your available space. Many master bedroom furniture sets are actually fitted bedroom furniture. For this kind of furniture, the centerpiece of your bedroom is usually the wardrobe – it almost always stretches from floor to ceiling, and may even stretch from wall to wall.

Your best choice for buying fitted bedroom furniture is to pay a visit to your local bedroom furniture outlets – the closer to your home, the better. Why? Because the furniture needs to be fitted to your home, and you want to find someone who has actually installed the same furniture set you chose in a house similar to yours. Generally speaking, this is not something you want to do yourself … definitely not the first time.

The main advantage of fitted bedroom furniture has already been stated – it optimizes the use of your bedroom space. The disadvantages are the increased expense and complication. You may also need to wait some time for the furniture company’s technicians to become available. When shopping for bedroom furniture packages of this kind, you really want to borrow the expertise of the salesman selling it. You need to show him photos of your bedroom and get his advice on what to buy.

Custom bedroom furniture

Custom bedroom furnitureIn some places, they call this bespoke bedroom furniture. The furniture is customized to your bedroom and some parts may even be built from scratch. In many parts of industrialized nations, custom bedroom furniture is the most expensive type of furniture to buy. It also takes the most time from purchase to final delivery and assembly.

Where can you buy custom bedroom furniture? That depends on where you stay. If you live in a rural area, you should probably get it built by a good local carpenter. On the other hand, if you live in the middle of London or New York, you may need to pay an arm and a leg to an upscale bedroom furniture retailer.

The two biggest advantages of custom bedroom furniture are that is pretty much unique to your home and it can make better use of your bedroom’s features than fitted bedroom furniture. If you live in a rural area where you can buy good cheap wood and hire skilled carpenters economically, this option can potentially save you the most money.

Buying fitted bedroom furniture, or any kind of bedroom furniture collections for that matter is often confusing experience for a beginner. Unless you are buying cheap single throw-away pieces of furniture, buying bedroom furniture direct from a warehouse or online is not a good idea. Especially when you are a first-time buyer, the experienced salesman at your local furniture shop is your best friend … at least, if you show him that you are a serious buyer and not just a window shopper.


How to Install Cheap Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

If you have the budget for it, you should buy better quality fitted bedroom wardrobes and get them installed professionally. But if your finances are tight, you can still save a lot by buying and installing cheap fitted bedroom wardrobes yourself. We will not go into detailed procedures here but will look at some generalities.

First, make sure you have the tools you need. Best to borrow or rent some kind of multi-tool. Something like the Fein or Bosch power tool is good – you can cut wood with it, you can drill holes and you can also do polishing, sanding, and scraping. Make sure you buy spare attachments for this purpose – if you are not familiar with the tool, you will wear them out faster than expected, and you may even break them. Get your memory foam mattress ready is better. You will probably need good quality glue – at least wood-on-wood and wood-on-whatever your wall are made of. You will want some clamps to use with the glue, and you need a decent work-bench, both for the gluing and the wood-cutting. You’ll also want some kind of putty to fill in holes in your walls and floors – make sure you buy the right type for the material of the surface.

Once you have your tools ready, you need to prepare the wall, floor, and ceiling where you intend to have your bedroom wardrobes fitted. Use the power tool with the scraping, grinding or sanding attachment to get rid of any organic stuff like wallpaper or carpets. If you leave that in place, they will grow mold and other nasty stuff in the darkness after you install your wardrobe. Once you have your walls, ceiling, and floor bare, fill in any gaps and holes with the putty. Leave the stuff to dry while you take your measurements.

Cut the scribing panels to size, using the power tool with the wood-cutting attachment, based on your measurements. Cut them a little larger, and use the polishing attachment to reduce them to the right size during the final fitting. Once you are done here, you can put the carcass, i.e. the wardrobe interior together. Follow the diagrams in the instruction sheet, and place all the parts on the floor in the proper relation with each other. Only start the assembly when you have everything laid out clearly, otherwise, you may end up with some panels facing the wrong way when you do the assembly. You can then screw them together and place the whole carcass against the wall. Because you bought a cheap wardrobe, you may need to re-enforce some of the joints with glue before you screw them together. That’s another reason you want the clamp and work-bench. Do remember to let all the glued parts dry properly.

Depending on the design of the fitted wardrobe you bought, you may need to drill holes in your wall to screw or bolt the carcass in securely. Make sure the hole you drill is slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw. From embarrassing experience when I was learning carpentry in school, it is a common mistake to use a drill bit that is too large. Once your carcass is fitted securely, you can put in the scribing panels. Once again, how you do that depends on the design of the wardrobe you bought. But one common fixture is to use an L-shaped piece of metal with holes in it. You then screw one end into the scribing panel, and the other end into the wall, ceiling and/or floor. Finally, fit the door in, which may entail additional drilling and screwing if you have a hinged door.

This is just a summary. If you have “played” handyman before, there is nothing new to you – mostly common sense. But if it all seems overwhelming, maybe you ought to pay to get your installation done professionally.

Best Price Mattress 8 inch Memory Foam Twin size Mattress Review

Most people wake up in the morning with fatigue, and they realize that they are more tired than the way they were when they went to sleep. This is because the type of mattress that they use is poor in quality and since they have had it for a long time, they choose to cling to it and suffer through it. Best Price Mattresses has manufactured the perfect mattress for everybody.

Best Price Mattress 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

List Price: $399.00
Price: $184.99
Sale Price: $174.99
You save: $224.01 (56%)
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

This 8- inch dual layer mattress, with 8 deep dual layers Best Price Mattress 8 inch is a top quality mattress that gives you exclusive comfort all night long. Covered with a rich poly-Jacquard durable fabric cover, this mattress is made using foam material that is super soft with a supportive layer below it.Best Price Mattress 8 inch Memory Foam Mattress

The manufacturers of Best Price Mattress 8 inch Twin size memory foam mattress; Best Price Mattresses have put their efforts into producing mattresses that promote good health as well as good night sleep. They have considered the fact that most people sleep on old mattresses due to the cost of a good one being high. It is with that regard that they have consolidated all the aspects of a good mattress, removed the unnecessary expenses and produced a worthy mattress.

Price and Features

Get your own Best Price Mattress 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress at the online shop for as low as $179.99. The following are the product features:

  • Product size: 39 by 75 by 8
  • It has no pressure points
  • You get deeper sleep
  • Its softness makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud
  • It has memory foam that is infused with charcoal and green tea
  • It has comfort due to its ability to conform to your body
  • It changes the temperature to match your own

Who is it good for?

It comes in different sizes. It is unisex, and there are sizes ranging from adult sizes to baby sizes. It can be used in all temperatures since it adapts well.

Pros and cons

It will help you to get rid of your fatigue, neck aches, and backaches, giving you a fresh and revitalized morning. This helps a lot since you do not wake up feeling like you slept on one part of your body the entire night.

It can, however, have a bit of an odor from the foam while still new, and there have been cases of it being too warm in hot areas.  You may need to add foam toppers to get maximum comfort, a point made by quite a lot of reviewers.

Why you should buy it

Best Price Mattress 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress gives you an outstanding sleeping area since it has a great sleeping surface. It is firm in normal temperatures, but these changes once you lie on it. It reacts to your body temperature to adjust accordingly and give you a warm and comfortable environment. It also molds itself into your body shape once you sleep on it hence distributing your weight along the surface.


Best Price Mattress 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is affordable, comfortable, and good in quality; you can now sleep like a baby.

What Size Futon Mattress Are You Trying to Cover

Are you thinking of changing the overall look of your room but do not have enough money to spend on furniture? Are you looking for ways on how to make the impression of having a new sofa and lounge chairs every time? The good news is there are futon covers available in the market that come in different colors, sizes, and fabrics. Another good thing is futon mattress covers are not limited to mattress only but also with other pasokyou navi furniture and you have like chairs and sofa.

It is then logical to first decide what kind of furniture you want to cover with to determine the size of the slipcover to buy. If you aim to protect your bed, the full futon cover is out in the market. If your bed is a queen sized bed, you can also find the queen-sized futon cover. They come in different nice colors. You will definitely find the color you like that will match the overall look of the room you are trying to redecorate. The full queen futon covers are easier to find compared to king sized. The reason behind this is not clear but it could be because more and more people use the queen sized bed. Whatever is the size of your bed you should not worry because the futon covers come in different sizes.

Furniture from the guest room or lounge area can also be covered with a futon cover. The furniture’s look will improve once covered with futon slipcovers. You can get several different futon couches covers you can use to all the couches and sofas you have to change the look or theme of the room. You may not need to repaint the whole room to enhance or change the look of the room. Just change the color of the slipcovers and you are done.

Wooden Curtain Rods Are Useful

Without going into the bathroom and looking at it, do you know what your curtain rod is made out of? Cheap curtain rods can be made of so many different things. The most common types of curtain rods are hollow aluminum curtain rods, hollow steel curtain rods, hollow plastic curtain rods, and solid wooden curtain rods. The hollow types of curtain rods are often telescoping, meaning that you can get them to go smaller or larger depending on where you need to put them.Wooden Curtain Rods

Wooden ones often just rely on being snug enough fit between the walls with the rubber included so that the entire thing works right instead of falling down. They can be a lot stronger and are not going to break as easily, even someone yanks on the curtain. They also have ‘cute’ uses, such as children’s shepherd staffs in children’s nativity scenes for Christmas. They also come in handy when you need wooden rods for other surprise projects, such as camping emergencies, and a few other such adventures. New ones can be used for things like kid’s house forts and other toys.

Most wooden rods are treated for water, so they won’t warp and break from the steam and drying cycle, and the water drops that splash up won’t get in and warp and stain the wood. They’re usually sanded smooth and aren’t very likely to give you splinters. Sometimes, they are simply sanded, treated for water, fitted with rubber ends, and sold, and other times, they are sanded, treated for water, stained, varnished, fitted with ends, and sold. Which one you get is mostly a matter of aesthetics, as it doesn’t really matter what type you get so long as it is strong and won’t break. The varnish and stain is a matter of appearance, and unvarnished ones will still be effective.

Wooden Benches are great in Gardens

Among the best way of enjoying the garden or the outdoor ambiance and scenery is by sitting down and unwinding in a wooden bench. Actually, one can simply add comfort and appeal to a garden or a patio with a couple of wooden benches. Sitting down and laying down your back is very appealing and comforting to any outdoor setting and garden ambiance.

Indoor gardening has become more popular because of the hectic schedule most working people have. Back then when people are tired and tensed, they will allow time and go to the park and spend some quality time with the family and friends. And be relaxed and breathe fresh air, recharge the body for the coming days of more work.

But since the times are changing now and time has been leisure or at least having time to spend on your own. Nowadays, people just allot space in the backyard and convert it to own garden, so that when they need to relax and unwind, they would just have to go outside the house. Also because there is no time to go out with the family to the park, they make well with what they have. Furthermore, a garden is good in any way you look at it, it’s great for your physique as well as your mental health, and one can enjoy the solar lights and the green ambiance.

The uses and functions of wooden benches vary enormously, but it is best on any garden, indoor or outdoor. And since these are durable furniture and fixture, one can be sure that it is safe for kids and children to play around with. Also, when well treated and well kept, the wooden bench can last for a long time indeed. Likewise, they are cost-effective if not affordable enough.

Have a Healthy, Restful Sleep With Restonic Mattress

The claimant claims of mattresses that are available in the market today. The first kind is known as the innerspring mattress and just like the name says it uses springs as well as small quantities of form to provide support. The second kind is known as the inflatable air mattress which again going by its name uses it that you can fill using either a bicycle pump or your own mouth inside. The third kind is the one that has recently come to the market and is the most expensive of the lot. It is known as the memory foam mattress and has taken the market by storm. It is by far the most comfortable mattress that has ever been invented and the best part about it is that it never sags. Ever. The reason for that is the snow kind of form that is used to make this mattress.restonic mattress reviews

However, like with all emerging technologies it is extremely expensive to buy. That is why Simmons mattress has come out with a hybrid range of mattresses that make up the bulk of the high end of their Beautyrest line of mattresses which are some of the most amazing mattresses that I have ever seen. Once you own a Beautyrest you were never properly Even any other matches. The reason for that is pretty simple – instead of sending you any vendor matters for any price what Simmons has done is that they have created a tiered set of different mattresses that all use separate kinds of filters inside them to ensure that you give the most amazing sleep possible for your body has witnesses. That is all you need to make sure that once you buy the Simmons mattress you are taking care of whatever needs to be done without any problems whatsoever with.

Top Guide of Lenovo Laptop Vs HP 2019

Lenovo is refreshing all the Thinkpads with the most recent processors, built-in Windows Hello devices, and assorted improvements. Lenovo could produce the trackpad taller in the event the company were to ditch TrackPoint, but that’s not likely to happen until Baby Boomers surrender the ghost. At this time, Lenovo is slightly ahead of Dell concerning market share, but the 2 manufacturers both have been near the surface of the market for the last few decades. Regardless of the slim profile Lenovo also supplies decent connectivity. While Lenovo review has turned into the most balanced of all of them. Lenovo has the edge due to its focus on helpful small business features. Continue reading Top Guide of Lenovo Laptop Vs HP 2019

Top Ts X1 Carbon I7 8GB 256gb Tips!

After-all, the X1 Carbon is clearly not an awful machine and several would really like to utilize it everyday. It also features a single-touch fingerprint reader just below the arrow keys. The Windows 10-powered ThinkPad X1 Carbon includes a handful of helpful utilities and a couple of parts of bloatware. We work around the world so that your company can too. That means that you could get help in 160 nations. Continue reading Top Ts X1 Carbon I7 8GB 256gb Tips!

Understanding Acer VS Chromebook

Laptops are computers which are quite portable and small in proportion. This laptop includes a normal one-year warranty. The majority of these laptops include a medium sized screen permitting you to transport it with fantastic ease. You might also want to consider Dell laptops in UAE that offer customized configurations for every single type of user.

If you’re going abroad, you can want to think about leaving your laptop at home. This laptop comprises a typical one-year warranty. It is irrelevant how fast a laptop might be in case the tank is dry and it’s dead. Don’t depart from your laptop uncharged for a couple of months. A budget laptop is perfect for users who are searching for a very simple machine which pursues everyday routine tasks and doesn’t require lots of powerful capabilities. Continue reading Understanding Acer VS Chromebook

Vital Pieces of HowtoCleanVirusinComputer

Up in Arms About How to Clean Virus in Computer?

You’re working on your PC. If you don’t have this yet be warned, FinallyFast is not going to boost your PC. Suddenly you feel something is wrong with your PC. If you believe your computer was infected, the only safe strategy is to use an excellent anti-virus program. All newer computers arrive with some sort of firewall software installed. The computer system has come to be a vital gadget in our everyday life. Continue reading Vital Pieces of HowtoCleanVirusinComputer

What the In-Crowd Won’t Tell You About Where to Buy a New Laptop

Where to Buy a New Laptop Ideas

To make it simple for you to carry your laptop around, we’ve got light notebooks and ultrabooks that are stylish and functional. Thus, as stated by the requirement you should plan to purchase laptop. After you’ve chosen a specific laptop to purchase, you can be aware of promotions and clearance events. Continue reading What the In-Crowd Won’t Tell You About Where to Buy a New Laptop