I Had to Work Quickly to Get to My Parents As Soon As Possible

I needed to find self storage for London Ontario residents as soon as I could. My parents needed me, and I didn’t have any time to spare with worrying about sorting through my things before storing them. My parents had both been in a car accident, and I am their only child. They were both in the hospital and a nurse there told me that both of them would probably be there for a couple of months. I did not want to be home while my parents both opened their eyes at some point and felt alone. I also worried that one of them would die and I would not be there. I raced to put all my things in boxes, and then I found a storage business that offers inexpensive units to store all your belongings in. I felt good knowing that all of my things would be safe while I was away for a couple of months.

My parents have always doted on me. They never spoiled me, though. If anything, the attention helped me to feel safe, secure and confident enough to take a lot of things on in this world with fear. Any time that I got out of line as a young person, my parents pointed out that I didn’t have a right to take their love for granted, just as they didn’t take me for granted. They always make sure that I had all the basic materials things and their love in life, and I knew they were right.

When a nurse at the hospital called me to tell me that my parents had been in a bad accident, I had been asleep. I wondered at first if I was dreaming until she asked me if I understood what happened and wanted to know whether I would be okay. I told her that I would be there as soon as possible, and she told me to please stay safe during my trip to get there. As I handed over the keys to my empty apartment to my landlord, I got into my car and reminded myself to “stay safe” on the road.