Switching to a High-Quality Food Really Helped My Kitty

When my cat began throwing up around the house, my husband was not impressed. He’s not really fond of pets, and he began complaining a lot about it. I tried all sorts of things, and finally learned that she needed to be on a different type of food. I went through a lot of food reviews, but when I found the Natural Balance Cat Food reviews online, I wanted to try it out. It was my last hope, and I was hoping that it would work. My husband was getting angrier and angrier about the vomiting in the house, and I was afraid that he would say that she needed to be rehomed.

I’ve told myself at times that, if anything should happen to my husband and I, I will next choose a spouse who is a pet lover. This is because most pet lovers seem to be more patient and caring people in general. My guy didn’t seem to care for pets early on, and I thought that would be okay. But it’s no fun when your spouse doesn’t care for pets and complains about the one that you have. So, I try to do what I can to make sure that she is not a burden to him, but if it ever came down to it, I would pick her over him any day!

I went to two different vets to try to find out why my cat was suddenly throwing up. Both vets charged me a lot of money for examinations and tests. Neither vet figured out what the problem was. I talked to other cat owners online, and they all suggested that I try to change her food to see if that would help. It did! I went searching to learn more about the different foods available, and now I only give her Natural Balance food. She hasn’t had any problems since I switched her to that brand. It’s high quality-food that really seems to agree with her tummy.