Why are scientists so obsessed with studying zombies?

I believe that many of my friends, like me, have different preferences for vampires and zombie-themed movies and television dramas. Have we ever wondered whether there are vampires and zombies in the world? Where are they? What is a zombie? A zombie is a person who, after death, regained its standing and walked away to bite the living.

The end of the real world zombies may end quickly, and the situation is not like the classic movie “The Walking Dead” as in the classic movie cable television (AMC). This is the conclusion drawn by students from the University of Leicester, UK. They mainly use an epidemiological model to simulate the spread of infectious diseases among the population. The team’s assumption is that each zombie finds one victim each day, and 90% of the time it is possible to transmit the zombie virus to each other, and these “living people’s lives” can last for 20 days. The researchers entered the above parameters into the model and found that in less than 100 days, humans had only a few hundred survivors.

Zombie Mathematics

A professor of mathematics from the University of Ottawa, Robert J. Smith, said that a formula can be used to calculate the zombie propagation rate, which is (bN)(S/N)Z = bSZ. Researchers try to use mathematical tools to create a zombie diffusion model. Smith It is believed that the diffusion modeling of zombies is somewhat similar to biological viruses, in which N represents the total population, Z represents the number of zombies, and b represents the possibility of being infected by zombies. The result suggests that zombies, if present, may govern the whole world and only humans Strangling zombies may escape.

Mat Mogk, the founder of the Zombie Research Institute, believes that zombies have their inherent biological characteristics. They cannot fly and they will not survive forever. They will achieve the purpose of spreading and spreading through normal biting people. There are some videos about zombies spreading. Describes the episodes of the spread of zombies, such as “Stunned 28 Days”, “Musical Park” and the works mentioned at the beginning of the article. Ian McKay, a virologist at the Infectious Diseases Research Center in Australia, believes that the spread of zombies is similar to the host computer of a virus that infects computers. Its spread is very fast and very efficient. It is obviously an extreme virus transmission incident. Smith believes that when studying the zombies diffusion formula, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the dead people infected with zombies can be revived as zombies and continue to attack humans.

Such a diffusion model can refer to the AIDS, malaria, and West Nile virus outbreak patterns. Most virus models have only one nonlinear element, but there are two zombie virus models, which makes the mathematical model of zombies spread more sensitive. Tara Smith, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Iowa in the United States, believes that mathematical modeling becomes more interesting after incorporating zombies diffusion theory. It can make children interested in mathematics. In the public health field, it can predict the impact through mathematical simulations. As the process of urbanization continues to increase, humans need to face the challenges of new viruses and at the same time reflect the public’s concerns about the pandemic.

Zombie brain

Like humans, the brain is also their most important organ for zombies. Without brain zombies, they lose their ability to move. Two neuroscientists from California’s University of San Diego and Carnegie Mellon University are curious about the operation of the zombie brain. This paper is called “Does Zombies Dream About Immortal Sheep?” The analysis pointed out that slow walking zombies may cause problems in the part of the cerebellum, because the cerebellum is responsible for handling the coordinated part of the movement. Even if some zombies are flying fast, they are also missing. Working memory capabilities.

According to Cornell University studies, if you are in the United States and encounter an outbreak of zombies, the best place to refuge is in the Rocky Mountains. Establish a disease model to study the transmission route of the virus and spread the virus through bites. The area will spread slowly. It will take several months to reach the mountains. The most serious one is the densely populated big city. So wherever you live, if you want to take refuge, you may have to go to the mountains to escape!

Although the zombie virus is not the most likely doomsday scenario, it is always good to be prepared. If the whole society wants to mobilize public health emergency response timely and effectively in the event of a zombie outbreak, it must now devote more research and funds.